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Manufacturing process and product properties of stainless steel brazing

  Manufacturing Process:

The highly reliable all-stainless steel plate heat exchanger (hereinafter referred to as AlfaNova) is based on a new technology-AlfaFusion, which is the result of years of research in the field of materials and welding technology, in order to meet the market demand for compact heat exchange solutions-higher mechanical strength, greater corrosion resistance and higher hygiene levels.

  Product Performance:

The result of many years of research and testing is that the reliability of the AlfaNova is excellent through AlfaFusion process certification, burst inspection certification, pressure fatigue testing, temperature fatigue testing, heat transfer performance testing and corrosion testing. (1) Mechanical strength Compared with the traditional brazed heat exchanger, the AlfaNova has higher design pressure and stronger mechanical and thermal fatigue resistance. Compared with the copper and nickel brazed heat exchanger, see Figure 2 and Figure 3. In the 0 ~ 3MPa mechanical fatigue test, the life of the AlfaNova is 10 times that of the copper brazed heat exchanger, and 2 orders of magnitude higher than that of the nickel brazed heat exchanger. The temperature that the Al2faNova can withstand can reach 550 ℃, while the maximum design temperature of the ordinary brazed heat exchanger is only 225 ℃. (2) Corrosion Resistance The AlfaNova 100% stainless steel construction ensures a high degree of resistance to corrosion. In this way, it is AlfaNova a major technological breakthrough for refrigeration systems (such as evaporators, economizers, oil coolers, etc.) that require the use of natural refrigerants such as ammonia or other media systems that are corrosive to copper.