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Copper-free wire with many advantages has now become the development direction of solid wire.

A major variety of welding materialsYesWelding wire,Widely used in the field of domestic welding. Plating a layer of copper on the surface of semi-finished steel wireofConductivity and corrosion resistance of traditional solid welding wire in contact with welding tipgreatly enhanced. With the increasing demand for environmental protection and the fierce competition in the copper-plated welding wire market, the pressure to reduce production costs is increasing. Copper-free welding wire is an environmentally friendly new product, which can reduce production costs and meet welding requirements. After it appeared, it was widely concerned by the industry.


The anti-rust treatment of the surface of the non-copper wire is the core technology of the process.,Its surface is neither oiled nor plated with other metals or non-metals. In addition to fully meeting the requirements of the welding process, the anti-rust welding wire is also required to have better corrosion resistance than the copper coating within the specified time limit and under the specified environmental conditions. The anti-rust mechanism is that the monolayer is adsorbed on the metal surface, blocking the micro-battery effect of the metal surface in the atmospheric environment and preventing the occurrence of electrolytic corrosion. The protective film formed by the monomolecular deposition layer can prevent local corrosion and pitting corrosion. The protective film is a very thin invisible single layer, which can maintain the processing color of the metal surface and does not need to be removed. Under different environmental conditions, by selecting different types of corrosion inhibitors and packaging forms, the storage corrosion resistance can reach.3Months2Year. This technology has been widely used in the anti-rust treatment of cold working and machined metal fresh surface in industrial developed countries, so that the product has the ability of anti-rust protection in the process of processing, transportation and storage, and has the advantages of labor saving, time saving and low comprehensive cost.

have many advantagesofNo copper wire,has now becomeThe development direction of solid welding wire.In recent yearsDomestic welding wire industryStartConcernThis product,It has also been tried in various aspects.. However, due to experimental studiesNot systematic enough and not ongoingThe copper-free welding wire developed by some domestic welding wire enterprises has not been widely recognized by users. In order to win the praise of users, after developing the welding wire, the welding wire factory should systematically study the conductivity, spatter performance, the relationship with the welding current, the transformation of the droplet during the welding process, the content of pores and inclusions in the weld, and the formation of the weld. Wait. And to find a feasible solution to the problems affecting the application of welding wire, further improve and develop a series of copper-free products.