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Silver electrode is a product that plays a relatively important role in many scenarios

Silver electrode is a product that plays a relatively important role in many scenarios,It can be seen not only in the instrumentation and chemical industry, but also in the field of industrial manufacturing. So the information introduced to you today is about the use of silver electrodes.,In addition, there is no lack of knowledge of other plates, such as the equipment required for welding, the content of flux, etc.,It also includes the introduction of silver welding rod.


Electrode arc welding is a manual operation of the electrode arc welding method. In the process of electrode arc welding, the high temperature generated by the arc combustion between the electrode and the workpiece melts the electrode coating, the core body and the workpiece, and the deepened core body end quickly forms fine metal droplets, which reach the local melting workpiece surface through the arc column and merge together to form a molten pool. The gas and slag produced during the melting of the coating not only isolates the air around the molten pool and the arc, but also produces a series of metal processing reactions with the molten core and base metal, ensuring the performance of the formed weld. As the arc moves forward at an appropriate arc length and speed, the liquid metal in the molten pool gradually cools and crystallizes to form a weld. Silver electrodes are used for brazing most ferrous metals and all non-ferrous metals except aluminum, magnesium and other low melting point metals. It has good brazing properties and can be used for all heating methods. In order to lower the melting point and reduce the silver content, it is necessary to add cadmium, tin and nickel to form a ternary or multi-element alloy solder. This kind of solder has certain toxicity because of its insulation, and can not meet the requirements of the European Union.ROSHRequirements, soBrazing is not suitable for direct contact with food and drinking water.

Welding equipment: Due to the low melting point of silver electrodes, the following welding equipment can be used:1,Oxygen welding equipment,Smaller ones are better.2,Liquefied gas welding gun.3,Gasoline welding gun.

Flux: Silver solder powder and borax can be used. Note: Heating is key. If the temperature is high, the workpiece will burn out. If the temperature is low, it will be welded into false welding, welding is not strong.

Because silver electrode has many advantages and special functional parameters, it needs to be considered comprehensively in the actual use process. Such as the choice of flux, the addition of welding equipment. Considering these problems, the above has been sorted out for everyone, including the matters needing attention in actual operation and the detailed knowledge about the popularization of silver welding rod, which you can refer to for study.