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Widespread application of vacuum brazing bar technology

From20Century40Since the 1990 s, vacuum brazing bar technology has become a promising welding technology. It appears in the electronics industry for brazing copper and stainless steel parts, and in1959It began to be applied to plate-fin heat exchangers made of stainless steel. It has been widely used in plate-fin heat exchangers and coolers in air separation plants, petrochemical equipment, engineering machinery, vehicles, ships and household appliances. Vacuum brazing bar technology has been widely used because of its advantages.


vacuum brazing stripTechnologyThe advantages are as follows:1,Vacuum brazing, because it does not use flux, significantly improves the corrosion resistance of the product, avoids all kinds of pollution, and does not deal with the pollution of equipment costs, and has good production conditions;2,Vacuum brazing not only saves a lot of expensive metal flux, but also does not require complex flux cleaning process, reducing production costs;3,The vacuum solder has good wettability and fluidity, and can weld more complex and narrower channel devices. Vacuum brazing improves the finished product rate and obtains a firm and clean working face;4,Compared with other methods, the internal structure of the furnace and the long service life of the fixture can reduce the maintenance cost of the furnace;5,There are many materials suitable for vacuum brazing, such as aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, stainless steel, alloy steel, low carbon steel, etc.,It can be brazed in a vacuum electric furnace. Designers determine the required materials based on the application of brazing equipment, of which aluminum and aluminum alloys are widely used.

vacuum brazing stripTechnologySmall and medium-sized drill bits are an example, which are widely used in metallurgy, geology, coal, water conservancy, railway and other construction undertakings.Vacuum Brazed Plate Fin Oil Cooler for Automotive and Marine,The plate-fin oil cooler has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure and light weight. It is the replacement of today's diesel engine cooler products, has been widely used in automobiles, tractors, marine diesel engines and other fields. Application of vacuum brazing in air separation plants The plate-fin heat exchangers used in air separation plants are mainly used for the preparation of oxygen, nitrogen, argon and rare gases. In the past, plate-fin heat exchangers were mainly manufactured by salt bath impregnation brazing.,This technology not only has high energy consumption, complex process, but also has strong corrosiveness, serious environmental pollution, high production cost and short product life. vacuum brazing stripTechnologyThere are many advantages over salt bath brazing, so the development trend is that vacuum brazing will replace salt solution brazing.

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