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Classification and storage of silver welding wire

silver welding wireMainly refers to the welding as a filler metal or at the same time as a conductive wire welding material. The following is a brief introduction to the classification and storage of silver welding wire. Let's learn about it!


rollingsilver welding wireMainly including carbon steel silver welding wire, stainless steel welding wire, non-ferrous metal welding wire, low alloy structural steel silver welding wire, alloy structural steel silver welding wire, etc. Cast welding wire: This kind of welding wire is mainly made by casting method. It is mainly used for manual surfacing on the surface of the workpiece to meet the special performance requirements such as oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance at high temperature. Flux-cored wire: It is a seamed flux-cored wire made of thin steel strip rolled into a round or special-shaped steel pipe filled with a certain composition of powder. It can be used for welding of carbon steel, low alloy high tension steel, high strength quenching and tempering steel, stainless steel and hard surface wear-resistant steel. EDM cold welding wire: Special welding wire for EDM discharge coating cold welding machine is mainly used for the maintenance of some heat-resistant parts, and is used for surfacing or welding under normal conditions.

In welding at the same time as the filler metal and conductive metal wire called welding wire. In order to ensure that the silver welding wire performs its function normally, its storage needs to pay attention to the following requirements to ensure that it is not damaged. The details are as follows: the warehouse where the silver welding wire is stored should have a dry and ventilated environment to avoid moisture; the water, acid, alkali and other liquids around the welding wire warehouse should be rejected. Silver welding wire should not coexist with corrosive substances in the same warehouse. The welding wire should be placed on a wooden pallet, not directly on the floor or near the wall. When handling, be careful not to break the package. The wire package should be opened and used up within one week as soon as possible. Store the welding wire according to its category and specifications to prevent misuse.

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