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Pay attention to the anti-electricity measures when welding silver welding wire

(1) Do wellsilver welding wireTraining of welding and cutting personnel. Undocumented personnel shall not perform welding and cutting operations.

(2) The welder shall not wear shoes or cloth shoes with iron nails during operation. Insulated protective gloves shall not be shorter than 300mm and shall be made of soft leather or canvas. The welding rod arc welding work clothes are canvas work clothes, and the argon arc welding work clothes are wool or leather work clothes.

(3) Welding and cutting equipment should have a good protective device. The terminal extending out of the box shall be covered with protective cover; for the equipment with pin hole connector, the conductor of the pin hole shall be concealed in the plane of the insulation plate.


(4) When replacing welding rod or welding wire, welders need to use welding gloves, which should be dry. For welding operations with high no-load voltage and welding voltage and when operating in a humid environment, welders should use insulating rubber pads to ensure that the welder is insulated from the weldment.

(5) The shell of silver welding wire welding and cutting equipment and electric cabinet shell shall be provided with protective grounding or protective zero connection device.

(6) When welding metal structures in metal containers or narrow workplaces, special protection, such as insulating rubber pads, insulating shoes and insulating gloves, is required to ensure that the welder's body is insulated from the charged body.

(7) Changesilver welding wireWelding and cutting equipment joints, replacement of welding parts, replacement of secondary circuits, replacement of working positions, replacement of fuses, and repair of welding and cutting equipment. In case of failure and maintenance, the power supply shall be cut off before replacement of welding and cutting equipment.

(8) When working in a dark environment with insufficient light, you need to use a portable work lamp.

(9) The silver welding wire welding and cutting equipment shall be equipped with an electrical control box, which shall be equipped with fuses, overload protection switches, leakage protection devices and no-load automatic power-off devices.

The above introduced to youPay attention to the anti-electricity measures when welding silver welding wireI hope you can be of some help to you after reading it.

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