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Silver welding wire manufacturers introduce the basic method of silver welding rod spot welding

The basic method of spot welding with silver electrode When single-sided spot welding, the electrode is fed from the same side of the workpiece to the welding place. A typical single-sided spot welding method is single-sided spot welding. The electrode that does not form a spot weld adopts a large diameter and a large contact surface to reduce the current density. Non-shunt single-sided double spot welding, the welding current through the welding zone.


In order to provide a low resistance path for the welding current, a copper pad is applied under the workpiece. When the distance between the two welding points is large, for example, when welding the skeleton member and the composite plate, in order to avoid the warping of the composite plate due to improper heating and reduce the resistance between the two electrodes, a special copper bridge A and The electrode is pressed on the workpiece at the same time. In the mass production of silver electrodes, single-sided multi-point spot welding is widely used.

At this time, a transformer can be used for power supply, and each pair of electrodes presses the workpiece in turn, or each pair of electrodes is powered by a separate transformer, and all working electrodes press the workpiece at the same time. The latter type development has the advantages of more research and more extensive application. Its advantages are: each transformer can be placed closer to the connected electrodes, thus its power and size can be obviously reduced; The process parameters of each solder joint can be adjusted separately. All solder joints of silver welding rod can be welded at the same time with high productivity. All electrodes press the workpiece at the same time, which can reduce deformation. Multiple transformers can ensure the balance of three-phase load due to power supply at the same time.

The above issilver welding wireThe manufacturer introduces the basic method of spot welding of silver electrode. I hope you can have a further understanding of it after reading it.

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