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Silver welding wire manufacturers introduce how to store silver welding rods

Silver electrode is also widely used in life, so how should it be stored? Do you understand? Let'ssilver welding wireManufacturers simple to introduce to you, take a look at it!

1Storage place of silver welding rod: the storage warehouse of silver welding rod shall be in a dry and ventilated environment to avoid the existence of corrosive substances such as moisture, water, acid, alkali and other liquids that are easy to volatilize, and shall not coexist with these substances in the same warehouse. Welding rods shall be placed on wooden pallets, not directly on the floor or against walls.


2Be careful not to break the packaging, especially the "heat shrink film" of the internal packaging, when accessing and handling the electrode ". The silver rod package should be used up as soon as possible (it takes less than a week). Once the wire is directly exposed to the air, its anti-oxidation time will be greatly shortened (especially in a humid and corrosive environment).

3According to the principle of "first in, first out", the welding rod is issued to minimize the inventory time of the product. Please store the welding rod according to the category and specification to prevent misuse.

The above is goodsilver welding wireThe manufacturer introduces all the contents of how to store the silver electrode. I hope you can have a further understanding of the storage conditions after reading it. If you still have something you want to know, please feel free to contact us for advice. We are very looking forward to cooperating with you.

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