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Silver welding wire manufacturers introduce how to buy silver welding rod

How to choose silver welding rod? Perhaps many people are not very clear, then, let'ssilver welding wireThe manufacturer will give you a brief introduction, let's get to know it!

1According to the type of metal material to be welded, select the corresponding type of silver electrode. For example, when welding carbon steel or ordinary low alloy steel, structural steel electrodes should be selected.


22. The performance of the weld shall be the same as that of the base metal, or the chemical composition type of the weld shall be the same as that of the base metal to ensure the same performance. When selecting structural steel electrodes, structural steel electrodes with the same strength grade should be selected according to the tensile strength of the base metal and the principle of "equal strength. Then, when welding important structures with high requirements for welding performance or steel and structures that are prone to cracks, alkaline electrodes, even ultra-low hydrogen electrodes and high toughness electrodes should be selected. When selecting stainless steel electrodes and molybdenum and chromium-molybdenum heat-resistant steel electrodes, electrodes with the same chemical composition type should be selected according to the chemical composition type of the base metal.

3The process performance of welding rod shall meet the requirements of welding operation. When welding in non-horizontal positions, electrodes suitable for welding in different positions should be selected. While ensuring its performance requirements, it can choose the electrode with low price and high deposition efficiency, which can also save some costs.

The above issilver welding wireThe manufacturer introduces how to buy all the contents of silver welding rod, hoping to help you. If you still want to know the relevant contents of silver welding rod, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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