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Brazing rod manufacturers introduce the relevant knowledge of silver welding rod

Silver electrode has a wide range of applications and has played a relatively important role in many industries. We can see it not only in the instrumentation and chemical industries. Because silver electrode has many advantages and special performance parameters, it needs to be considered comprehensively in the actual use process. For example, the choice of flux and the equipment of welding equipment have certain requirements for our professional knowledge. Below andbrazing stripManufacturers to learn more about it!


Application: Widely used in refrigeration, lighting, hardware and electrical appliances, instrumentation, chemical and other industrial manufacturing fields.

Characteristics of silver electrode

1Silver electrode liquidity is good, the price is relatively cheap, excellent process performance;

2Silver electrode has low melting point, good wettability and can fill gap;

3The silver electrode joint has high strength, good plasticity, excellent conductivity and corrosion resistance;

4Copper and silver are self-brazed and do not require a flux. It is suitable for contact welding, gas flame welding, high frequency brazing and brazing of some furnaces. The brazed joint has good strength and electrical conductivity.

5The silver electrode has low cost, which can save silver and replace silver. The special gold welding material is suitable for welding copper and copper alloy.

The above isbrazing stripThe manufacturer introduces the relevant knowledge of silver electrode, and hopes that you can have a further understanding of silver electrode after reading it.

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