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Brazing rod manufacturers introduce the welding method of silver welding rod

Welders generally know that the price of silver electrodes is relatively high. Therefore, welding is very important. Then, how to improve the success rate of welding? What welding method is used for silver electrodes? I believe many friends are not very clear about this. Let'sbrazing stripThe manufacturer will give you a brief introduction, let's get to know it!

1Welding equipment

Because the silver electrode has the characteristics of low melting point, so the general use of small oxygen welding equipment, liquefied gas welding torch, gasoline welding torch is completely enough.



Before welding, temperature, cleaning, etc. must be prepared in advance;

Can not because the temperature is too low and lead to the silver electrode fluidity is not good, and then make the welding failure;

Welding parts, to do a good job of cleaning, impurities, oxide layer are cleaned, in order to ensure that the welding fluid can be well filled.


Silver solder powder and borax, and in many cases, do not use flux can be.

Silver welding rod in welding, to have enough professionalism, otherwise welding failure not only waste solder, but also affect the subsequent welding.

The above isbrazing stripThe manufacturer introduces the welding method of silver electrode. I hope you can have a further understanding of its welding method after reading it. If you still have something unclear or want to know, please feel free to contact us for advice.

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