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To introduce to you about the welding processing technology of welding steel structure

To introduce to you about the welding processing technology of welding steel structure

Welding Technology of On-site Steel Structure

Steel structure workshop steel structure welding processing technology: China's current industrial production of new projects on the steel structure workshop requirements are getting higher and higher, steel structure workshop because of its simple construction, short construction period, high efficiency, comprehensive utilization and many other advantages are favored, and the matching colored glass structure is also due to the advantages of simple installation, simple disassembly, strong moisture resistance, good heat insulation effect by many customers five-star praise, secondly, A brief analysis of the welding processing technology of steel structure workshop steel structure from Yongyi steel structure.


When the fillet weld is 1., the current should be large.

When welding inclusions, when welding single-sided double-sided welding double-sided forming, the applicable welding current should be very small; When filling welding, a larger welding current is generally used. During cap welding, in order not to make mistakes in the incision and to obtain beautiful welding, the current used is preferably small, and the welding current used for alkaline welding wire is about 10% smaller than that of acid-alkali welding wire, stainless steel welding wire is about 20% smaller than carbon steel welding wire. After the welding current is basically selected, it is adjusted through trial welding. The key to isolated action voltage is the length of string. When isolated, the action voltage is high but low (short arc finger chord length is 0.5-1.0 times the diameter of metal wire).

Before 2. welding, welders must check the welding parts.

Before welding, the welder must check the quality of the assembly and surface removal of the welding parts. If it does not meet the requirements, the welding can be carried out at the rear of the qualified side by sharpening welding. If the assembly gap exceeds the allowable error, the welding can be sprayed on one side or both sides of the welding, and the requirements can be met by sharpening. However, when the welding gap is more than 2 times or more than 20 times of the thin wall thickness of the thin metal plate, spray welding.

3. t-type, cross-type, square joint and butt joint

On both sides of the main welding of T-type, cross-type, square joint and butt joint, arc plate discovery plate must be equipped. Its material should be the same as that of butt welding, and the welding method should be the same as that of welding. The length of manual arc welding of arc plate discovery plate discovery plate discovery with raw materials of other materials is more than 25, and the whole width of arc plate is more than 50, and the length is 1.5 times of thickness, which is more than 30, the thickness is more than 6.

After 4. welding

After welding, use numerical control flame cutting to remove the arc plate, find the plate, and grind it flat. You cannot use a hammer to destroy the arc plate to find the plate. Butt welding other than welding cannot ignite to start the arc.

5. precise positioning welding must be carried out by welders with relatively qualified certificates.

It is very good to declare the welding of regular welding raw materials. The accurate positioning welding shall have the same quality regulations as the final welding. The accurate positioning welding of steel gaskets shall be welded in the joint head welding. The thickness of the accurate positioning welding shall not exceed 2/3 of the thickness of the design scheme. The length of the accurate positioning welding shall exceed 40, the interval shall be 500-600, and the arc holes shall be paved. The accurate welding heating temperature must be higher than the declared heating temperature, when holes or cracks appear in precision positioning welding, be sure to cancel re-welding.

6. for non-closed concealed works

After electroplating is carried out according to the provisions of the construction drawings, assembly can be carried out. For the part cutting the slope roof, welding can only be carried out after passing the inspection by the quality inspection department. When welding on the assembled prefabricated components, in order to operate the deformation after welding, the main parameters required by the welding process and its welding sequence must be strictly followed.

When welding is carried out 7. binding welding, it shall be carried out continuously.

After the matter is over, solve the welding part of welding and heat it. When choosing double welding, please clean the front welding surface layer first, and then weld it again. The prefabricated components deformed by welding can be thermally corrected by mechanical equipment (cold straightening) or heating according to the standard of strict temperature control.