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Do you know the balcony guardrail welding processing benefits have a few points?

Do you know the balcony guardrail welding processing benefits have a few points?

What are the benefits of balcony guardrail welding?

Balcony guardrail has a history of several years in China. The popularity of balcony guardrail conforms to the growth trend of building materials industry. Compared with guardrail made of other materials, balcony guardrail adopts welding processing technology. What are the advantages?


Balcony Guardrail

The welding processing technology used in the 1. balcony guardrail saves human resources and greatly improves the configuration efficiency of the fence project in order to configure it more quickly and conveniently.

Compared with other fences, the welding process used in the 2. balcony guardrail has the characteristics of environmental protection, conforms to the modern people's pursuit of environmental protection, and basically deals with the difficulty of the building not being polluted at will.

3. balcony guardrail welding processing is actually fair, said can not drill, more conducive to safety, in addition, anti-theft design to better deal with the traditional theft accident, from the overall reduction of the cost of building materials.

It can be seen that the welding processing characteristics of the balcony guardrail combine the advantages of the traditional guardrail, so the growth of the balcony guardrail will be rapidly applied to the building materials guardrail industry with the potential of breaking bamboo.

Master these points, sheet metal welding processing will not be deformed!

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, sheet metal processing plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives. Sheet metal welding is also a commonly used processing technology in sheet metal processing.

Methods to prevent welding deformation

1. Choose the appropriate welding sequence. For the welding structure with many parts, the parts must be welded and modified separately, and then the entire welding is assembled. In this way, the components are integrated, the welding deformation becomes smaller, and some parts can be edge and welded, and the operation is also very convenient.

2. Select the appropriate welding sequence. In order to prevent welding deformation, the welding sequence must adopt strip welding method, back welding method and symmetrical welding method.

3. Anti-deformation method, the deformation after welding and the deformation after welding are in the opposite direction, which offsets the deformation of the workpiece before welding.

4. Rigid fixing method, which can be used to reduce welding deformation.

5. Use reasonable welding methods and specifications. The energy density and heat input of welding methods are different. High energy density welding methods such as plasma arc welding are used for sheet welding instead of carbon dioxide shielded welding, gas welding and manual arc welding, which can reduce welding deformation. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy structures, gas welding is more deformed than manual arc welding.

Above, on the method of preventing sheet metal welding deformation, this paper introduces the method summarized by Xiaobian today. It would be great if I could help you. For more information, please exchange comments in the comment area. Cheng Xiaobian will answer for you one by one!