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Transverse seam of large diameter pipe welded with silver wire

1.φ3.2 or φ4.0 welding rod can be used, and the groove shall be opened according to the design requirements of the drawing, and the gap between the pairs shall generally be equalsilver welding wireThe diameter of the welding process, the current is about the same as or slightly larger than the vertical seam, and the welding rod and the pipe are 75-80 degrees.

2.The outer weld of the welded pipe shall be welded first, and the silver welding wire shall be selected. The short arc small inclined round strip can be used for welding to obtain appropriate penetration. The strip speed shall be slightly faster to avoid the formation of weld bead at a certain point due to too much polymerization of the molten metal of the silver welding wire.


3.During the welding process, in order to prevent undercut on the weld surface and molten metal from flowing downward, the angle between each oblique circle and the weld line shall not be greater than 45 degrees. Whensilver welding wireWhen the end is transported to the top of the oblique circle, the arc should be short, and stop for a while, and then slowly start the arc to the bottom of the weld, which can avoid various defects and make the weld shape good.

4.The inner and outer welds of the pipe are basically the same

The cast iron material of the puller claw needs to be fixed by spot welding, and then welded with silver welding wire. The welding process of cold welding is adopted, and it is necessary to weld the groove to ensure sufficient tensile strength.

5It is necessary to do proper surface cleaning before welding. It is recommended to cut a U-shaped groove in the welding joint quality.

6. Holes shall be punched at both ends of the crack to prevent crack propagation during welding.

7If the maintenance angle is not good, you can choose to use the cold groove of electric welding rod to form U-shaped or V-shaped groove.

8The welding current is as small as possible, the arc length is moderate, and the welding direction is slightly inclined.

9. It is recommended to use a short and thin bead and a narrow transverse oscillating torch for the weld bead. Before stopping the arc welding, fill the weld joint, usually without heat treatment, and let the part cool slowly.

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