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Welding processing below to tell you about the disadvantages of welding processing and how to improve the quality

Welding processing below to tell you about the disadvantages of welding processing and how to improve the quality

What are the disadvantages of welding?

Welding processing is a welding processing method with high energy density. Mainly used for processing thin-walled materials and low-speed bonding. The process is to heat the surface of the part so that the surface heat energy is diffused to the inside through heat conduction. By controlling the specifications such as energy, peak power and repetition frequency, the parts are melted and a specific molten pool is formed, which is widely used in the processing of small parts.


Welding processing has its convenience and advantages, but it also has its own shortcomings in the environmental requirements or process characteristics of welding processing:

1. are high reflectivity, high thermal conductivity materials, such as aluminum, copper and their alloys. will be changed.

2. when parts require jigs or fixtures, it is necessary to ensure that the positioning of the welded parts is aligned with the impacted solder joints.

The position of the 3. welding processing part needs to be very accurate and within the focus range.

4. welding processing thickness is generally not more than 19mm

5. in the welding process, the plasma controller should be used to drive out the ionized gas around the weld pool to ensure the reproduction of the weld.

Let's learn how to improve the quality of welding

1. Power is one of the important specifications for equipment welding. If a high-power welding processing machine is used, it can be heated quickly in a short space and then vaporized. Power is also related to cutting, punching, etc. Low power density can make the surface temperature reach the boiling point, and then the bottom layer is melted and vaporized, thus completing the purpose of welding.

2. Another specification of the equipment process refers to the pulse width, which plays a decisive role in the overall price and volume of the equipment, and is also a specification different from melting. With many years of research and development experience, our company has mature product technology and safe and stable product performance. Our company provides customers with good products and services.

3. Find the welding processing focus position. The welding focus has a great influence on the welding quality. Therefore, in order to improve the welding quality, the fit gap between the parts is required to be small.

4. Pulse waveform is the key to the welding of thin plates, and it is also a problem that needs attention in the welding process. The use of welding processing machine welding processing, on the surface of the material, due to reflection will lose 60%-98% of the energy, because the surface temperature is changing, so when the pulse is applied, the reflectivity of the metal will change.

Today, Xiao Bian explained to you here. If you have any questions, you can call us for consultation. OK, I wish you a happy life.