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Easily overlooked problems in steel structure welding processing to prevent casting errors

The main material of steel structure is steel, and it is also one of the most important types of building structures at present. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates. Each part or component is connected by welding, bolts or rivets. Steel structure weight than other building materials light, simple construction, widely used in some large factories, sports venues, high-rise buildings and other buildings. Welding is a very important part of the whole steel structure building. Therefore, once there is any negligence in this process, it is possible to make major mistakes.


1. Selection of welding voltage

During the welding process, uniform arc voltage should be selected for priming, filling and capping, and groove size. Therefore, the required penetration depth and width may not be achieved, and defects such as undercut, pores and spatter may occur. Steel structure processing manufacturers should select the corresponding long arc or short arc according to different situations in welding processing to obtain Better welding processing quality and work efficiency.

2. Control of welding current

During the welding process, in order to make the project progress, the steel structure processing factory does not carry out groove processing on the butt weld of the medium and heavy plate, which will reduce the strength index and even fail to meet the standard requirements. Cracks in bending test can not guarantee the performance of the weld and pose a potential threat to the safety of steel structures.

3. Control of welding arc length

In the welding process, if the arc length is not controlled, and the arc length is not properly adjusted according to the groove form, welding layer number, welding form and welding type, it is difficult to obtain high-quality welds due to improper use of welding arc length.

4. Control of temperature between welding layers

Steel structure processing manufacturers need multi-layer welding when welding thick plates. If you do not pay attention to the control of the interlayer temperature, the interval is too long, and the supplementary preheating will produce cold cracks during the welding process. If the interval is too short and the temperature is too high, it will also affect the performance of the weld and the heat-affected zone, resulting in coarse grains, that is, a decrease in toughness and plasticity.

5. Fillers in welded joints

Sometimes, during the welding connection process, some welding head iron blocks accidentally fall off, which is difficult to fuse with the weldment, resulting in unfusion and incomplete penetration defects, and reducing the connection strength. If it is a rusty welding head or iron block, it is difficult to ensure the consistency with the base metal. If there are oil stains and impurities, the quality of the weld will be greatly reduced, which cannot meet the quality requirements of the design and specifications for the weld.

Pump welding processing has the characteristics of advanced structure, good performance and convenient operation. Widely used in various mechanical hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Due to the complexity of the welding process, it is not suitable for welding with traditional machinery, and the production and processing requires a professional laser welding machine.

Pump tube laser welding machine is widely used in the market at present. Its cost performance and service life have been recognized by the public. Therefore, the price problem has been one of the focus of attention. Compared with other laser equipment, the current market price of laser welding machines is still relatively low, simple to operate and easy to use. It has become a general equipment used by welders.