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What is the welding process of copper electrode

Earlier, we said some contents about the types of copper welding rods and their respective characteristics. Next, let's talk about the welding process of copper welding rods. Let's go down and have a look at these contents.

1. First, preheat the weldment and dry the copper electrode. Before welding, the welding parts are preheated to 300 °-350 °, and the welding rod is baked at a temperature of 150 °-200 ° for 1 hour, which can improve the quality of welding.



2. Transport method. Copper electrode welding can use straight-line transport method, the faster the speed, the more can reduce the oxidation of metal, in the allowable range of weldment can increase the direct and welding current of the electrode. When welding V-shaped or X-shaped grooves, there may be no penetration at the root, mainly because the welding rod is too thick, the angle of the groove is relatively small, the distance between the arc and the root is far away, the heat conduction of copper is fast, the arc heat is insufficient and other factors lead to this phenomenon. If you don't want this phenomenon that the copper electrode is not welded through, you can increase the angle of the groove. When using the copper electrode for welding, the arc should be aimed at the molten pool and not blown to one side of the groove metal. The copper electrode should be fed quickly along the middle position of the weld and move in the direction of welding. The speed of welding and replacing the copper electrode should be fast, and the arc on the weld should be started when the welding place is at high temperature.

3. Welding sequence. In order not to deform the weldment when using copper welding rod, when the weld length is less than 5cm, the straight-through welding method directly from one end to the other end is used. If it is more than 5cm, the welding can be performed from the middle to both ends. When using copper welding rod for welding, some methods to prevent deformation can be said to be adopted.

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