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The welding characteristics of copper-free wire determine its future development prospects.

With the development of intelligent welding, welding robots have been widely used. How to achieve welding stability, reduce the replacement of welding wire conduit, conductive nozzle, wire feeder and other institutions, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, and reduce the environmental protection in the welding process has also become the focus of attention.


Compared with copper-plated welding wire,NoneThe copper-plated welding wire saves the copper-plating process, reduces environmental pollution, and can avoid copper-containing fumes during the welding process, and better protect the physical and mental health of workers. The invention relates to a copper-free welding wire production line and a production process thereof, and belongs to the technical field of welding wire production. The production process of copper-free welding wire is as follows: pay-off frame abrasive belt grinding rough pull fine pull lubrication and coating anti-rust oil welding wire post-treatment winding packaging machine, which solves the acid-free rust removal and lubrication process of welding wire post-treatment. At the same time, the surface of the treated wire is uniform and smooth, which greatly reduces the wire feeding resistance.

The characteristics and application of copper-free welding wire:1,Copper-free welding wire is harmless to operators and environmentally friendly. We select the same welding parameters for trial welding on the same product. The copper-plated welding wire will produce a large amount of copper smoke during the working process. Copper-free welding wire is a welding wire with a special process on the surface, which eliminates the need for copper plating and reduces environmental pollution; during welding, it can protect the operator from copper fumes.2,Arc stability. The average short-circuit transition time of the droplet is shorter than that of the copper-plated wire, and it can withstand the sharp change of the wire extension length during the welding process.3,High strength, good forming. The weld forming quality of non-copper wire is obviously better than that of copper-plated wire.4,Rust resistance and conductivity. Due to the development of new surface treatment methods, it has good rust resistance and conductivity without copper plating.5,Wear of conductive nozzles. Under the premise of ensuring good wire feeding performance, the wear of vulnerable parts such as conductive nozzles is reduced, the welding torch hardly vibrates, and there is no copper chip blockage, thereby reducing the consumption of spare parts.

NoneplatingCopper wire shows a series of advantages in the welding process, such as less welding fume, low welding spatter, stable welding, good weld formation and so on. Especially in the welding operator, the welding smoke is less, and the physical and mental health of the operator is better protected. With the country's increasing emphasis on environmental protection, more and more companies have begun to pay attention to the choice of environmentally friendly products, on the one hand, to reduce the management costs of enterprises, on the other hand, to maintain the physical and mental health of employees. Copper-free welding wire is an environmentally friendly product, and its superior welding characteristics determine its future development prospects. It will be adopted by more and more enterprises and engineering machinery products, and gradually replace copper-plated welding wire. It is hoped that through a small part of the improvement, it can also make a certain contribution to the environmental protection of the country and society.