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Copper electrode custom factory: copper electrode welding process

  Copper welding rod custom factoryIntroduction, copper electrode is also known as purple copper electrode. The pure copper wire is used as the core, and the surface is coated with the electrode composed of low hydrogen type drug skin.

copper electrode welding process:

  1.Copper electrode custom factory said,In order to improve the welding quality, the welding part can be preheated to 300-350 degrees before welding, and the welding rod can be baked at 150-200 degrees for 1 hour.

2. The straight-line transportation method can be used for copper electrode welding. The sooner the better. In order to reduce metal oxidation, the diameter of the electrode and the welding current are increased within the allowable range of the weldment. When welding V-shaped or X-shaped grooves, defects such as incomplete penetration may occur at the root during welding. The main reason is that the electrode is too thick, the groove angle is small, the arc is too far from the root, the heat conduction of copper is fast, and the arc heat is insufficient. Therefore, in order to ensure the root penetration force, should be appropriate to increase the groove angle or increase the gap. Multi-layer welding V-groove, a layerToA welding rod with a diameter of 3-4mm is used. After that, the diameter of the electrode can be increased layer by layer and oscillated laterally. When welding, the arc should be directed towards the molten pool so as not to blow on the side of the groove metal. The electrode is fed at a constant speed along the center of the weld and moves in the welding direction to prevent liquid metal and slag from flowing out of the molten pool to form weld flare. The electrode replacement action should be quick. When welding high temperature, arc should be started on the weld with a distance of 10mm from the center of the arc pit, then return to the original molten pool, and continue to weld after the molten pool is full.

  3.Copper electrode custom factory said,The welding sequence is to reduce the deformation during welding of the weldment and the copper electrode. When the length of the weld gap is less than 500mm, the straight-through welding method from one end to the other end can be adopted. If the length of the weld is greater than 500mm, the welding can be carried out from the center to both ends. Some of the anti-deformation methods used when welding carbon steel can also be used to weld copper.

4. Welding current and electrode diameter The diameter of copper electrode and welding current should be selected according to the thickness of the weldment, the beginning of the weld, the profile of the weldment and the heat dissipation conditions. Typically, the welding current is 40-50 times the electrode diameter.