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What are the potential and characteristics of copper wire? The copper wire manufacturer introduces you

  Copper Welding Wire ManufacturerIs a professional production of copper welding wire enterprises, with advanced production equipment and technical personnel, covering production, sales, research and development as one of the integrated enterprise, the company's production process is strict, perfect quality control system, is the majority of users trust copper welding wire brand.

1. Production process The production process of the copper wire manufacturer includes: selection of high-quality copper wire, composition adjustment, wire drawing, surface treatment, heat treatment and other links. Each link can only be transferred to the next link after multiple tests.

2. Quality control Each production link of the copper wire manufacturing plant is strictly in accordance with the standard operation to ensure product quality, and each batch of wire is produced after multiple quality inspections, and bending tests and extreme distortion tests are carried out to ensure The service life and safety of the product.

3. New product research and development The copper welding wire manufacturer also pays attention to product innovation and new product research and development. According to market demand and user feedback, it continuously improves and improves product quality, performance, specifications and appearance, and has been adhering to the "quality clearance, customer first" principle.

4. Environmental awareness Copper welding wire factory adhering to the concept of environmental protection, reduce the production of waste, waste gas treatment and recycling of waste water to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to ensure that the impact on the environment is minimized.

5. Global sales network Copper welding wire factory products in addition to widely sold in China, but also exported to many countries and regions around the world, the establishment of a complete sales network, in the global scope has been the majority of customers trust and praise. As an enterprise with many years of production experience and quality assurance, copper wire manufacturing factory has been adhering to the management concept of scientific rigor and honest service, constantly improving product quality and service level, providing customers with excellent quality copper wire products and comprehensive and thoughtful service, and developing into a leader in the industry.

Copper wire is a widely used material in the welding industry, which is made of pure copper, plus a small amount of chromium oxide and manganese, commonly used in welding stainless steel, nickel alloy and other high temperature alloy materials, what are its advantages and characteristics.

1. High conductivity, with good conductivity, so that during welding, the current can quickly pass through the welding part, so that the welding time and cost are optimized.

2. High thermal conductivity, also has good thermal conductivity, can quickly transfer heat to the welding part, so that the welding quality is improved.

3. High ductility, not only can form a strong combination by heating and cooling, but also can maintain its shape change, so it has good ductility.

Compared with other materials, the price is usually lower, so it can bring higher cost-effectiveness to the welding industry.

5 recyclability, in the welding process will not produce smoke and other pollutants, so it can be easily recycled and reused, in general, copper wire in the welding industry has excellent performance and a wide range of applications, its good conductivity, thermal conductivity, ductility, cost-effectiveness and recyclability is the main embodiment of its advantages and characteristics.