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Brazing strip manufacturers share common types of brazing strips

Brazing rod is the key material used in the brazing process. It has a wide variety of characteristics and is suitable for different brazing needs.Brazing strip manufacturerShare several common types of brazing bars and their characteristics:

Silver brazing strip: Silver brazing strip occupies an important position in the field of brazing for its high strength, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity and good corrosion resistance.The manufacturer of the brazing strip indicates that,It is mainly used for the welding of steel, alloy steel, copper and its alloys, especially in the need of high strength and excellent conductivity of the occasion. However, the price of silver brazing strip is relatively high, and the cost of use is also high, so it may be limited in some cost-sensitive applications.

Copper flux: copper flux is widely used in brazing flux, it can be divided into hard copper flux and soft copper flux two. The brazing seam of hard copper flux has high hardness and is suitable for brazing of metal structures, while the brazing seam of soft copper flux is soft and its application range is more extensive. Copper flux is suitable for steel, copper and its alloys melting point lower than a variety of hard flux of metal materials, such as steel brazing, mechanical processing equipment brazing, food processing equipment brazing.

Aluminum brazing flux:The manufacturer of the brazing strip indicates that,Aluminum brazing flux is a special brazing flux, especially suitable for brazing aluminum and its alloys. Its advantage is that it does not produce oxides, high brazing strength, and because of the same nuclear valence electrons, it is not easy to have pinholes and other problems. Aluminum brazing flux has been widely used in the fields of ship, automobile, aerospace and so on.

In addition, there are many types of brazing rods such as copper oxide electrodes and nickel-cobalt electrodes. For example, copper oxide electrodes are usually used for low-temperature brazing and high-temperature copper alloy brazing, and the gas generated during combustion can protect the welding wire and the substrate, making the brazing joint beautiful, delicate and firm. The nickel-cobalt electrode has good corrosion resistance and high temperature performance when welding heat transfer oil pipes, and can withstand high temperatures of 800°C.

  The manufacturer of the brazing strip indicates that,There are a wide variety of brazing strips, each of which has its own unique properties and applications. When selecting brazing rod, it is necessary to fully consider the nature of the material, welding requirements and cost and other factors to ensure the optimization of welding quality and economic benefits.