High-speed double-sided knitting machine

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High-speed double-sided knitting machine

Cotton wool machine is a kind of double-sided circular weft knitting machine, also called double rib machine. When the high heel needle passes through the high heel triangle group, another rib tissue is formed. Every two rib weave composite into a double rib weave.

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syringe level

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Introduction:The machine has a variety of functions, can greatly improve the production efficiency of the machine. Knitting can be arranged according to cotton wool (if there is no special requirement) to produce various basic fabrics and four-segment change fabrics. Such as cotton wool fabric, change rib, air layer lining fabric, etc. Production of raw materials adapted to cotton, blended, nylon, polyester, acrylic and so on.

Features:The upper triangle seat is2Needle channel, upper needle plate for use2Kind of knitting needles, the lower triangular seat is designed4Needle made, lower syringe used4Kind of knitting needles, in order to adapt to a variety of different braids, but also equipped with a transformation triangle, such as the needle triangle, the ring triangle, flat needle triangle.

Technical features:1,The machine adopts a unified process to produce stable rack

       2、oil-immersed gear rotating device

       3、Automatic spray and blowing device

       4、High performance inverter control computer

       5、Double-layer yarn feeding device

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