High-speed small-diameter double-sided machine

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High-speed small-diameter double-sided machine

Cotton wool machine is a kind of double-sided circular weft knitting machine, also called double rib machine. When the high heel needle passes through the high heel triangle group, another rib tissue is formed. Every two rib weave composite into a double rib weave.

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Product Details


syringe level

Number of yarn feeding ports



3F/n 2F/i




Introduction: Single-sided double-track knitting machine with cheap prices, quality service to become the production of export, domestic trade ideal machine. It wins over other machines with low cost, many specifications and high output. The main production of sweat cloth, beaded mesh and other kinds of weaving. Equipped with special spandex device can produce spandex lycra cloth. Production of raw materials for cotton, blended, nylon, polyester and so on.

Advantages: sinker triangle configuration double runway, lower triangle for 2 needle track. In order to adapt to a variety of different braids, but also configured to transform the triangle, such as needle triangle, set circle triangle, flat needle triangle.

Technical features: 1. The machine adopts a unified process to produce a stable rack

2. Oil-immersed gear rotating device

3. Automatic fuel injection and blowing device

4. High-performance inverter control computer

5. Active yarn feeding device

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