High speed small circular knitting machine

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High speed small circular knitting machine

Cotton wool machine is a kind of double-sided circular weft knitting machine, also called double rib machine. When the high heel needle passes through the high heel triangle group, another rib tissue is formed. Every two rib weave composite into a double rib weave.

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Product Details

Barrel diameter

Number of stitches

Number of passes


Degree of rotation









Introduction: Circular machine control panel, full digital control system with microcomputer as the core, automatic refueling, cloth circle counting in working stage, A/B/C class 3 output and total output statistics show that QC control mechanism of quality responsibility system ensures strict technological process and highest product completion rate.

Technical features: 1. The machine adopts a unified process to produce a stable rack

2. Oil-immersed gear rotating device

3. Automatic fuel injection and blowing device

4. High-performance inverter control computer

5. Active yarn feeding device

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