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High-speed small diameter double-sided machine

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High-speed small diameter double-sided machine

High-speed small diameter double-sided machine

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Introduction: The single jersey double track knitting machine has become an ideal machine for production for export and domestic trade at a low price and excellent service. It outperforms other machines with low cost, multiple specifications and high output. Mainly produce various kinds of woven fabrics such as jersey and pearl mesh. With a special spandex device, spandex lycra can be produced. Production raw materials are used for cotton, blended spinning, nylon, polyester, etc.

Advantages: The sinker triangle is equipped with double runways, and the lower triangle is 2 needle tracks. In order to adapt to a variety of different knitted fabrics, it is also equipped with a changing triangle, such as a needle triangle, a tuck triangle, and a flat needle triangle.

Technical features: 1. The machine adopts a unified process to produce a stable frame

                               2. Oil-immersed gear rotating device

                               3. Automatic spraying and blowing device

                               4. High-performance frequency conversion control computer

                               5. Active yarn feeding device

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